Care for Silver

CARING FOR ANTIQUE SILVER & METALWORK Silver and Plated Ware Contrary to popular belief, silver does not need constant cleaning and in fact should not be cleaned more than absolutely necessary. The need to do so can be reduced by regular dusting with a soft cloth, using a [...]

Care for Pictures

CARING FOR PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, WATERCOLOURS AND PRINTS Hanging Pictures should be hung securely using nylon cord for preference. There are various strengths of cord so check with your dealer for the most suitable. Brass or copper picture wire can also be used but it can corrode over time. [...]

William Lionel Wyllie RA

William Lionel Wyllie R.A. (1851 – 1931) A biographical outline by Nigel Grundy, William Lionel Wyllie R.A. is considered by many to be the leading British marine artist of his period, his work is in the Royal collection, the Tate, the Royal Academy, the Imperial War Museum, the [...]

Andrew Webster Kiddie Master Modelmaker

ANDREW WEBSTER KIDDIE MASTER MODELMAKER When I saw my first ivory model by Kiddie, the Recreation Hall, Kilkenny, I was amazed at the quality of the work, especially the fine detail on the trees and hedges at the rear and I started to look for other examples by [...]

Care for Ceramics

CARING FOR ANTIQUE POTTERY AND PORCELAIN ‘Ceramic’, from the Greek keramos meaning clay, is the generic term for all items made from clay and fired in a kiln. Depending on the type of clay, which other elements have been mixed with it and the temperature at which it [...]

Care for Furniture

CARING FOR ANTIQUE FURNITURE Polishing, Cleaning and Dusting A patina on the surface, built up over many years and even with old marks and damage, is part of the character and value of a piece of furniture and should be preserved. If the surface is badly damaged and [...]

Care for Glass

CARING FOR YOUR GLASS General Conditions Glass should be stored in dry, ventilated conditions as damp can cause white cloudy stains. A glass wrapped in damp newspaper can be permanently marked with the newsprint and a damp glass can be permanently stained in a few hours by strong [...]

Antique Vizagapatam

Vizagapatam - Beauty in Black & White Delicate and beautifully detailed, antique Vizagapatam work makes a subtle statement in today’s interiors, says Clive Stewart-Lockhart England, high summer, 1817. A young lady, let’s call her Emma, sits on the terrace of her country house, working at her sampler with [...]

Antique Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre

In Fairyland All Things Are Possible- Daisy Makeig-Jones By Una des Fontaines Fairyland Lustre is the name given to a type of lustrous and brightly coloured decorative china made by the factory of Josiah Wedgwood and Sons under the artistic direction of Daisy Makeig-Jones between 1916 and 1941. [...]

Pierre Jules Mêne

Pierre Jules Mêne French 1810 - 1879 Pierre Jules Mêne is probably the best known of the French Animalier School and his bronzes are today among the most highly prized in this genre. Surrounded as we are by disturbance and even violence, collectors of Mêne's work can find [...]

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