Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms – A


Aalto, alvar(1898 – 1976) A Finnish architect and furniture designer. His work during the 1920’s and 1930’s had an enormous impact on the 20th Century design. His work was mass […]

Glossary of Terms – B


Baccarat Founded in 1764, a leading French glassworks. The first products were soda glass tableware and window glass. High quality lead crystal and decorative glassware started to be produced from […]

Glossary of Terms – C


cabaret A small tray, usually porcelain, with matching sugar bowl, set of cups, milk jug and tea pot. A breakfast set is called dejeuner. A set for one-person solitaire and […]

Glossary of Terms – D


d Pre-decimalisation abbreviation for penny

dagger Small, short, pointed, bladed weapon often double-edged for thrusting, and stabbing.

daguerreotype French painter and theatrical designer Jacques Louis Daguerre (1789 – 1851) invented the first […]

Glossary of Terms – E


Eames, Charles (1907-78) US architect and furniture designer, who with his colleague Eero Saarinen explored the potential of new materials such as aluminium, plywood and steel. He later used his […]

Glossary of Terms – F


faceted steel Decorative steel studs cut with the facets which were fashionable in the 18th and 19th Century and used for buttons, belts and sword hilts. Matthew Boultons factory in […]

Glossary of Terms – G


gabbeh Term for heavy, coarsely woven domestic rugs from west Iran. Gabbehs are typically woven in thick wool and brightly coloured to a bold design.

gadrooning Continuous convex curves or reeding […]

Glossary of Terms – H


Hafner ware See tiles.

Haig, Thomas (c. 1727-1803) Cabinet-maker, upholsterer and business partner of Thomas chippendale. After Chippendale’s death in 1779, Haig continued in partnership with Chippendale’s son Thomas until 1796.

halberd […]

Glossary of Terms – I


ice glass art glass with a frosted outer surface that resembles cracked ice. It is made by rolling a partly blown glass object over powdered glass, and then reheating it […]

Glossary of Terms – J


Jackfield Ware Japanese lacquer cermics imitation originally produced at Jackfield in Shorpshire from C.1750. Can also be known as japanned ware, its covered in a glossy black glaze with gilded […]

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