Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms – K


Kakiemon Japanese porcelain distinctively coloured from C.1660, comprising of turquoise, dark blue, iron-red, black, yellow and occasionally brown. Named after the potter credited with the palette’s invention, Kakiemon I. Was copied […]

Glossary of Terms – L


laburnum A dense, Yellow wood with brown streaks. Popular for inlaid and veneered decorations in particular Oystering after restoration and towards the end of the 18th Century crossbanding.

lac burgaute French […]

Glossary of Terms – M


machine knotting A technique for mechanical carpet making for reproducing hand-knots, usually Turkish invented in Britain in c.1900.

Macintyre James & Co Staffordshire Pottery at Burslem from C.1847 which mainly produced […]

Glossary of Terms – N


Nabeshima Is the name of a Japanese prince who founded the kilns towards the end of the 17th Century, and is a Japanese porcelain made that was made […]

Glossary of Terms – O


oak Timber that is heavy, pale and hard. It darkens to a darker rich brown as it ages and is polished. It was used as the main furniture making wood […]

Glossary of Terms – P


p‚te-sur-p‚te – Literally translated as ‘paste on paste’ – the process of building up layers of porcelain slip to give a translucent, three-dimensional effect in low relief. The operation involves […]

Glossary of Terms – Q


Qing dynasty The final Chinese dynasty, can be spelt Ch’ing, it replaced the Ming dynasty in 1644, and was not consolidated until the 1680’s during the reign of Emperor Kangxi […]

Glossary of Terms – R


Race, Ernest (1913 – 1964) An English textile and furniture designer, whose work mixed the traditional with modern and he was internationally acclaimed. He is best known for his comfortable […]

Glossary of Terms – S


Saarinen, Eero (1910 – 1961) Finnish born US architect and designer. He worked with architect Charles Eames and explored the use of plastics in furniture. He produced the first moulded […]

Glossary of Terms – T


tabako-ire A Japanese tobacco pouch which was hung from a kurawa (ashtray) netwuke. A tabako-bon is a tobacco cabinet, which can also be called a tabaki-dansu and it has drawers […]

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