Saarinen, Eero (1910 – 1961) Finnish born US architect and designer. He worked with architect Charles Eames and explored the use of plastics in furniture. He produced the first moulded plastic chairs. His tulip chairs and tables used moulded glass fibre with aluminium supports for more strength, these were made from 1957.

Sabino,Marius-Ernest (1878 – 1961) French Glass maker during the Art Deco period in particular 1923 – 1939. His work copied many of the glass blowing techniques and the decoration and motifs of his contemporary Rene Lalique.

sabre A cavalry sword that is curved and from the 18th – 19th Century, it has a single cutting edge, and was designed for slashing.

sabre leg A curved chair leg originally made in the early 19th Century which resembles the line of a sabre blade. It is more commonly associated with the Regency period. From 1815 it was sometimes known as the Waterloo leg after the Battle of Waterloo.

sabretache A flat pouch that would be suspended from the cavalry officers belt, it would have been decorated and worn until the early 20th Century.